Our values

Under extreme pressure, the molecular structure of coal changes and it becomes a diamond – Latin for “invincible”. There is only one way to shape and cut a diamond, and that is by using another diamond : IDEM PER IDEM, “the same by the same”.

Our calling is to be the industrial diamond that helps you reveal, shape and develop your inner diamond.



Every “rough diamond” has a certain shine potential. Working on it means committing to yield a proper “shine”.

We guarantee concrete results when we accept a contract.

We start by establishing measurable goals, using identified pre-established KPIs that are later used to assess the results of the program when it ends. We welcome any challenge as long as it is realistic and achievable.

Each stone is unique and demands a suitable cut.

We tailor our missions to your needs.

We start with your specific needs, identified during the initial Audit of your goals, to design a unique and personal program.

To cut a diamond, you need the appropriate tools and precise gestures.

We have developed our own methodology and our own tools, They are registered in the French intellectual property database (INPI) and regularly updated.

We have developed an original and specific approach, and keep creating new methods and tools in order to adapt to our clients’ needs.


Given how valuable the stones are, security and confidentiality procedures are drastic.

We follow a strict Code of ethics that includes confidentiality, accessibility and independence.

our Code of Ethics in PDF

The material is hard: working on it calls for patience, accuracy, determination… and enthusiasm!

We aim for excellence by being empathetic and challenging.

Our true passion is to reveal our client’s potential.