Our main fields of expertise are: Leadership, Diversity (Gender, Culture…), Media Training, Vocal Training, Managing Stress levels and Conflict Resolution. Every single one of our missions comes with a guarantee of concrete results. An Audit systematically establishes measurable goals, expressed by pre-established KPIs, that are later used to assess results.

Our missions are tailored to your needs and specific objectives: they are all unique. We work in whatever setup suits you best : individually, in a group, in a conference format etc. No prerequisites are needed.

We constantly generate new and innovative approaches thanks to our active and agile R&D. This way we can adapt to your requirements and goals.

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Triple beam

As you grow as a professional, you become more and more “visible” in your company. You are the “instrument” or “piano” (posture, gestures, voice, non-verbal aspect), AND the “performer” or “pianist” (beliefs, goals, stakes, vision…). You must attune the “piano” so the “pianist” can fully express her or his potential and reach her or his objectives (rallying the team, having an impact, getting the team to buy-in…).

We work simultaneously on the outside – “the Piano” – the inside – “the Pianist” – as well as on “the Music Sheet”, the lyrics of the speech (the slides, the verbal aspect).

This Triple Beam approach ensures durable and sustainable success.

Multiple coaches

Our “multiple coaches” approach accelerates the transformation process and guarantees an entirely customised program.

Our specialists work together in unison to better enable you to grow : “Piano” Coach, “Pianist” Coach, “Vocal” Coach, Sports Coach (who works on stress and managing your levels of energy), Social Skills Coach…


We conduct Corporate Mentoring Programs since 2001 : we train Mentors and Mentees, and monitor the mentoring relationship with individual coaching sessions of the Mentors, a dedicated Hotline etc.

The process lasts between 6 and 12 months. The Mentor/Mentee tandems meet at least once a month to work on the professional and personal growth of the Mentee. It is a privileged and personal association, where exchanges are confidential and based upon a bond of mutual trust. Mentors must volunteer, and be positioned outside of their Mentees’ chain of command.

IDEM PER IDEM has successfully trained over 4800 Mentors and Mentees.

We own our Methodology and our tools, such as the Identity TriangleTM, and have accordingly registered them in the French intellectual property database (INPI).

We produce new content on a regular basis : our consultants have published 8 books since 2003.