elena gamze foures


International executive coach and co-founder of IDEM PER IDEM Elena Fourès has 30 years of coaching experience, including 22 years in Europe. A native of the former Soviet Union, Elena works in 5 languages and is a recognized expert in executive development, and particularly in multicultural leadership and governance. She works with large industrial, banking, insurance, and consulting groups, addressing core leadership issues including personal radiance, political sense, clear-sightedness, and strategic vision. She also coaches executive boards and boards of directors to address challenges related to mergers, restructuring, and multicultural teams.

Elena is the author of Comment coacher, Petit traité des abus ordinaires, and co-author of Pénalement responsable (all published by Editions de l’Organisation, 2003-2004). Her latest book, Leadership au féminin (Editions Progressor) was published in October 2010.

pierre cancel foures


Pierre is co-founder of IDEM PER IDEM and an international expert on leadership and organizational transformation. He has spent the 33 years of his consulting career working with executive leaders in private and public finance—including the IMF—in France, Germany, the United States, and Africa. He is also deeply interested in theater and was the founder and director of “Apya”, a theater company that performed in Alger, Paris, Yaoundé, and Abidjan (1982-1989).
Pierre integrates Stanislavsky’s method of building a persona into his coaching, and he is currently focusing on media coaching, helping executives to develop their personal radiance and strategic awareness. Pierre also provides industry executives with support in the areas of transcultural interaction and political intelligence.

Pierre is the co-author of Pénalement responsible and the author of Changer la culture, cultiver le changement, guide du pouvoir durable (Editions de l’Organisation, 2006).