Business executives must learn to deal with situations involving people from a broad range of different cultures, each with its own set of beliefs, values, and behavioral codes.

Further, every company has an organizational culture that is comparable to an iceberg, consisting of:

  • A part that is exposed and visible to all
  • A part that is hidden from view and thus a source of sometimes-dangerous blind spots


IDEM PER IDEM offers a “Transcultural Awareness” Coaching/Training program that has been designed to address the needs of expatriate managers and executives involved in corporate governance abroad, so also facing the challenges of transcultural management.

This Coaching/Training module arms managers to deal with the following:

  • Human resources management abroad
  • Corporate decision-making
  • Foreign culture integration

The program is particularly suitable for Western expatriate managers whose role involves dealing with foreign executives, teams, and government representatives.

People in such situations must acquire a significant understanding of the cultures they are involved, including awareness of:

  • Cultural gaps
  • Cultural norms related to authority and subordination as well as management style
  • Cultural codes of behavior and, more specifically, how people in various countries indicate not only agreement but also disagreement, anger, and resistance. Managers must learn to effectively detect and promptly deal with such positions.

Program participation means acquiring tools and information that will:

  • Heighten awareness of transcultural issues
  • Shed light on cultural “blind spots”
  • Facilitate use of transcultural management tools to overcome cultural gaps while working from home or abroad.